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Plants and your Cat Plant Image
Plants and your Cat Plant Image

Plants Safe for Cats

Tabby cat eating grassThere are many beautiful plants you can keep inside your home that are not harmful to your cat. To learn the best plants to keep inside your home read our extensive list of safe plants (please allow a few seconds for the page to load).
While these plants have been shown to lack any harmful systemic or gastrointestinal effects, even non-toxic plant material eaten in excess isn't good for your cat.

This behavior may produce signs similar to those that appear with the ingestion of toxic plants. Vomiting, diarrhea and depression are common.
The difference is that these symptoms are mild and self-limiting (they resolve on their own), and in most cases do not require medical attention.

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Why do cats eat grass?
Some say that cats will eat a large amount of grass to purposely induce vomiting, particularly if they have a hairball!
Cats will happily graze on fresh grass as an aid to digestion and because of the live enzymes that it provides.

Even if you only have safe houseplants in your home, if your cat does ingest an excessive amount of plant material and symptoms do not resolve in a reasonable amount of time, see your veterinarian.

Click on a name below to view an image of the plant.

Click here for a list of safe plants or
here for a printable list..

Learn About Plants...

Safe Plants: What plants are safe to have around cats? 
Poisonous Plants: What plants can be toxic to your cat? 
Signs of Poisoning: What are the symptoms of plant poisoning. 
What do I do?: When should you call the veterinarian?

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