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Plants and your Cat Plant Image
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Plants Poisonous to Cats

Cat Hiding Behind Bonzai Tree - ImageWe all want to have our homes, patios, balconies and yards looking lovely. We can easily do this while carefully avoiding the plants that are potentially harmful to our feline friends.
Learn what plants to keep away from your cat by reading our
list of poisonous plants. (Note: The list may take a while to load)
If you choose to keep potentially poisonous house plants in your home, please keep them well out of reach of your curious kitty.
And just in case, you should be able to recognize the
symptoms of plant poisoning and familiarize yourself with what to do if you notice them in your cat. Remember that in addition to plants, there are many chemicals that should be kept away from your cat too.

Click on any of these plants listed to view an image of it.

Click here to view a list of poisonous plants
or click
here for a printable list.

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Learn About Plants...

Safe Plants: What plants are safe to have around cats? 
Poisonous Plants: What plants can be toxic to your cat? 
Signs of Poisoning: What are the symptoms of plant poisoning. 
What do I do?: When should you call the veterinarian?

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